Your Rights

As a client, you have a right to talk directly with your attorney when you have questions about your case. In addition, you have a right to be fully informed of all relevant aspects of your case. At The Arns Law Firm, we never leave our clients in the dark.

"Third-Party" Injury Cases

If you have been injured because of the acts of someone other than your employer, you may have a case against this third party. Through a third-party lawsuit, you can recover all lost wages, all medical costs, future lost wages, and damages for pain and suffering, if you can prove the third party's negligence caused your injury. You must consult an attorney to advise you whether you have a potential third-party lawsuit. This should be done immediately, as valuable evidence may be forever lost.

The Arns Law Firm is the preeminent law firm in the United States representing construction workers and their families for injuries suffered on multi-employer job sites. The Arns Law Firm has helped make law both in the appellate courts and the legislature that greatly affect workers’ rights. The Arns Law Firm has represented members of all trades in almost every imaginable circumstance on a construction site. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about your rights.

Employment Rights

When employers cut corners, it is often workers who lose. The following are a few examples of employment law violations The Arns Law Firm is currently litigating:

Independent Contractor Misclassification Employees are entitled to a guaranteed minimum wage, overtime, reimbursements for job-related expenses, workers’ compensation insurance coverage for on-the-job injuries, and several other workplace protections. When an employer classifies its workers as "independent contractors," however," the employer saves money and the workers loose these protections. Classifying a worker as an independent contractor is not illegal per se. But classifying a worker who is rightfully an employee as an independent contractor to avoid the costs and responsibilities of the employment relationship, or an “independent contractor subterfuge,” violates worker’s rights. Whether a worker is an employee or an independent contractor is a legal issue. If you think you may be misclassified as an independent contractor, contact us to learn more about your rights.

Exempt Employee Misclassification Do you earn an annual salary or are you paid by the hour? Many employees like store managers and assistant managers are paid a salary instead of an hourly wage. This can cost the employees hundreds of dollars a week, especially if they work overtime. This is because salaried employees are considered "exempt" from laws requiring employers pay overtime. But not all salaried employees fall under this exemption from the law. Many managers and assistant managers perform the same work as hourly employees. If you are a salaried employee but your work is not managerial in nature, contact us. You may have the right to recover your unpaid overtime.

Piece Rate Pay Schemes In many industries, workers are paid by the number of units they turn out instead of by the hours they work. When workers are paid by the piece, by the foot, or by the "book rate," the employer must ensure it is paying the worker the right wage. Piece rate workers' rights are frequently abused by employers who do not track actual hours worked, do not allow rest breaks, and refuse to reimburse workers for expenses. If you are paid a piece rate for your work and are concerned about your compensation, contact us to learn more about your rights.

Unfair Business Practices & Consumer Rights

It is illegal for businesses to make false advertisements, sell defective products or services, market with bait and switch tactics, charge customers for services they never provide, or commit other deceptive business practices. These activities give dishonest businesses an unfair advantage over ethical competitors in the market place.

State and federal laws are designed to protect consumers from abuse. If you are a consumer who has lost money because of fraudulent or deceptive practices, stand up for your rights and contact us.

Privacy Rights

Privacy class action lawsuits address the misuse of personal information. Consumers and users of online services are often asked for personal information. There are restrictions limiting what recipients of that information can do with it. There are also regulations requiring companies that have private information to adequately safeguard it. Privacy rights are violated when company missuse personal information or ailure to protect it from privacy predators. Privacy class action lawsuits address such violations and enforce laws regarding how personal information may be used.

Some common privacy right violations include the unauthorized use of a person's name or image for advertising, data breach violations, illegal telemarketing, and unfair credit reporting practices. Tragically, these practices commonly target seniors at high rate. If you are aware of such practices or have yourself been the victim of a fraud, contact us.

Product Liability Cases

The Arns Law Firm has represented persons injured by defective products including:

  • Aerosol cans
  • Trucks, automobiles and other vehicles
  • Scaffolds
  • Tires
  • Tools
  • Cranes
  • Construction equipment
  • Scissor lifts
  • Aerial lifts
  • Equipment in restaurants
  • Production line equipment
  • Drugs

If you have been injured by products, including but not limited to the products listed above, you may have a right to recover damages against the manufacturer, designer, distributor, or retailer of the product. To learn more, contact us.

Wrongful Death

If you have lost a family member because of the negligence of another, you may have your own claim for wrongful death. The Arns Law Firm handles death cases caused by job site incidents, automobile collisions, highway defects, and other negligent acts and unsafe conditions. To learn more, contact us.

Workers’ Compensation

If you are injured on the job, you have a right to receive workers' compensation benefits. The workers' compensation system provides limited "subsistence benefits" for work-related injury or illness, including medical treatment costs, temporary payments for a percentage of lost wages, and permanent disability payments if you suffer a permanent disability. You cannot sue your employer, and you are not entitled to money for "pain and suffering" or future lost wages. These types of damages may only be recovered in a "third-party" lawsuit, as described above.

An employee has a right to represent him or herself in a workers' compensation action. However, an injured employee also has the right to attorney representation. An attorney can be helpful in negotiating with defense attorneys, selecting appropriate medical providers, and evaluating the case. Attorney's fees in workers' compensation cases are determined by the workers' compensation board and are typically15% percent of the final award.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions About Workers' Compensation for more information or contact us to learn what you should do—and what you're entitled to—if you're injured on the job.