Who We Are

The Arns Law Firm, based in San Francisco, has earned a reputation for aggressively prosecuting complex class action, personal injury, products liability, and medical malpractice cases, among others. We are dedicated to achieving the highest possible judgment or settlement in the shortest period of time while handling each client's case with compassion and integrity.

Many of our clients are people who were injured on the job. Because California's workers' compensation law prohibits workers from suing their employer, even if the employer is responsible for the injury, The Arns Law Firm thoroughly investigates these cases to determine if there is a negligent third party so that a third-party lawsuit with unrestricted damages can be filed. We have established a highly successful track record with these third-party cases, which is why many attorneys refer such cases to our office. If you are an attorney with a potential third-party case, find out more about how our office can work with you.

We thoroughly investigate every case accepted by this office which enables our attorneys to fully examine all issues of liability and evaluate all potential defendants. We then assemble a team of medical, safety, and incident reconstruction experts who are leaders in their respective fields, which enables our firm to settle each case for its highest value, or, when necessary, to take the case to trial and prevail.

The Arns Law Firm is proud to represent many tradesmen who are members of building and trade unions. We limit our practice to prosecuting civil damages on behalf of individuals, which means we never defend insurance companies, banks, or other business interests. We limit ourselves to this specialty because it enables us to avoid conflicts of interest and to be totally geared toward representing the injured or wronged person.