Top Verdicts & Settlements

The Arns Law Firm specializes in prosecuting cases through trial. The results of any firm at trial, are key to determining they success at settlement as well. If a firm does not have a history of trying cases and obtaining large verdicts, they will not be able to obtain the top dollar in settlement of any case. The Arns Law Firm is proud of its trial verdicts that have been issued by juries throughout the state of California. The following is a sample of these top verdicts and settlements above $10,000,000. (No result is intended as a guarantee in any manner of future recoveries).

$21,000,000 Verdict: England v. SME Steel Contractors, Inc. and Swinerton Builders, Inc. for a family whose husband was rendered a paraplegic.

$20,000,000 Settlement in class action against Facebook for violations of right of publicity.

$19,000,000 Confidential Settlement for head injury causing disability.

$15,000,000 Confidential Settlement for defective roadway condition causing wrongful death.

$14,000,000 Verdict, plus $2,100,000 workers' compensation payment for construction worker who fell on job site.

$11,000,000 Settlement for failure to give CPR resulting in brain damage.

$10,500,000 Verdict: Gorewitz v. Toyota Transport for family of Airborne Express driver killed by a Toyota transport truck while driving to work.

$10,500,000 Verdict: Vargas v. Carmel Development Company for ironworker who became a paraplegic as a result of construction site injury.