Our Offices

We wanted the firm’s offices to utilize a design aesthetic that reflects and honors the people who build such spaces.

515 Folsom, Third Floor, San Francisco, CA

  • The Arns Law Firm owns this office 30,000 square foot office building
  • After purchase, the structure was gutted and completely rebuilt with a multi-million dollar renovation to create a space for The Arns Law Firm to best serve its clients

    Features of the 515 Folsom offices include:

  • An in-house complete mock trail court with the capability to present any case to 36 mock jurors and break into 3 groups of 12 jurors
  • Every case that The Arns Law Firm takes to trial is “mock tried” which greatly enhances the success of the trial
  • Complete digital document organization system
  • Complete multi-media trial presentation system
  • An atmosphere where the client families – who are going through tragedy—can feel at home and know that they are welcome
  • A totally efficient environment for the firm to prosecute the cases they handle

The office was featured in Contract magazine and has received awards for beauty and efficiency. Click on the image to read the article from Contract magazine.

801 Riverside Drive, Reno, NV

The Arns Law Firm has a Nevada Office is located at 801 Riverside Drive, Reno in the area known as the “River Walk.” We are directly across from the Truckee River in this vibrant and redeveloped area in Reno.

Like our San Francisco Building, The Arns Law Firm owns its Reno Nevada property. We have invested in our success as lawyers representing families to better serve our clients and control costs by owning our physical plants. We have a display of original art from artist Fred Boyce, a well known nature artist living in Reno.

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