Jack In The Box Misclassification Case

Jack In The Box managers in many restaurants in California are classified as "exepmpt," salaried employees. As a consequence, they are denied overtime pay regardless of the number of hours they work in a day or a week. Additionally, they are not entitled to meal breaks or rest breaks like other non-exempt employees.

Attorneys at The Arns Law Firm are investigating claims that Jack in the Box, Inc. and certain Jack in the Box franchise operators (listed below) misclassified their restaurant managers as “exempt” salaried employees. As a result, the restaurant managers have been denied overtime wages and meal and rest breaks.

The Arns Law Firm has filed a class action lawsuit on behalf of these restaurant managers seeking unpaid overtime and unpaid wages related to missed meal and rest breaks, as well as civil penalties.

The lawsuit is titled Ruiz v. Jack-in-the-Box, Inc., Case No. BC16807477, and is pending in Alameda County Superior Court.  The complaint in the case can be reviewed here.

As a manager at a Jack-in-the-Box restaurant, you may be a member of the class and your rights could be affected by this lawsuit.

Did this happen to you?

If you worked as a Jack in the Box restaurant manager for one of the franchises listed below, we may be able to help. Please call toll-free (800) 495-7800 or fill out the form here to receive a free attorney consultation.

The Franchise Operators and Other Defendants in the Case Are:

  • Jack-in-the-Box, Inc.
  • Anil Yadav
  • Yadav Enterprises, Inc. (formerly known as JIB Management, Inc.)
  • Akkam, Inc.
  • Amanat, Inc.
  • AV, Inc.
  • Golden State Café, Inc.
  • Nor-Cal Venture Group, Inc.
  • Parivar, Inc.
  • Resham, Inc.
  • Reshiv, Inc.
  • Vanil, Inc.
  • Vanmel, Inc.
  • Vansh, Inc.
  • Varris Management, Inc.
  • Yadav, Inc. 


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