Instacart Litigation

Instacart Employee Misclassification Instacart delivery workers filed a class action lawsuit claiming they were misclassified as independent contractors. The workers claimed they were entitled to be reimbursed for expenses, such as fuel, parking fees, vehicle maintenance, and vehicle-related insurance. Additionally, the drivers accused Instacart of refusing to pay their wages, overtime wages, income tax contributions, and certain benefits required by state and federal law..

On March 20, 2017, The Arns Law Firm filed a settlement with the Los Angeles County Superior Court. The settlement provides $4.6 million and is coordinated with a $2 million settlement filed in the Sumerlin v. Instacart case filed last year. Also under the terms of the settlement, Instacart will make the following changes to its policies and programs::

  • Modify its customer interface so Instacart customers can more easily tip delivery workers.
  • Create a formal process for workers to dispute terminations.
  • Take steps to help workers understand commercial insurance protections and requirements.
  • Make transparent payment statements so workers can more easily understand how they are paid for their work.

As of now, the judge is considering the settlement and will make a determination regarding its approval in July 2017.  If approved in July 2017, Instacart drivers can expect to receive a letter in the mail regarding the settlement sometime in September 2017.

If you have ever worked for Instacart and you want more information, feel free to call 415-495-7800, or e-mail the attorneys representing the class.